Egils Viskints

Product manager

I have been working in SAF as a product manager for more than 4 years. I have graduated from Riga Technical University with a degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Some of my interests are: link planning, radio frequency engineering, business development and more.

Riga, Latvia 8 Posts

  • Double your link capacity with Integra-X

    SAF Tehnika meets another milestone on its way of consistent technological innovation. We are proud to announce our new dual core radio Integra-X, the newest member of full-outdoor radio product line.

  • Integra-E installation and alignment tutorials

    Recently we posted two episodes of the Integra-E configuration video tutorials. In this post you are going to learn how to mount an Integra-E FODU on the antenna, how to apply power and set up MNG and data connections as well as how to align the antenna of Integra-E link both using conventional methods and by using an E-band Spectrum Compact. 

  • How to protect your link from lightning?

    Tower sites are vulnerable by lightning more often than any other site, because tower is higher than the surrounding terrain. Moreover, it is a conductor. Without proper protection and grounding microwave equipment will suffer damage.

  • Integra series feature overview

    Integra series products are developed as easy-to-use full outdoor devices. User friendly, light design is one of identifying traits of this product line. Nevertheless, Integra series products offer wide variety of features, which can be useful for building complex, carrier grade networks.

  • Integra Series Radio 256 -bit AES encryption has been validated with FIPS 197 certification

    FIPS is the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

  • Portable link solution for broadcasting

    Customer was required to ensure uninterrupted live HD stream from the event location with no proper communications infrastructure in place. Portable link solution was deployed to solve the problem.

  • Migration from TDM to IP Network Made Simple

    Are you operating complex TDM network with multiple microwave (MW) links, and want to carry out a gradual upgrade to IP? SAF Tehnika has a proven solution to offer.