Andrejs Bogdanovs

Aivis Danovskis

SAF Tehnika | Spectrum Compact product manager

In 2010 I finished my studies in Riga Technical University with a degree in Electronics and Telecommunications. In SAF I am responsible for Spectrum Compact product series. I am interested in learning more about the industry segments where Spectrum Compact can be of use. My areas of expertise: spectrum analyzers, interference detection, link troubleshooting, site planning and installation

Riga, Latvia 5 Posts

  • Reasons to start using Spectrum Manager free software

    By purchasing any of Spectrum or SG compact devices you also get a Spectrum Manager PC software that can be downloaded from SAF Tehnika website at no additional cost. Here are some reasons why you should give it a try!

  • Essential tools for a microwave field engineer

    Here’s what I’ve learned from SAF’s more than 20 years of experience building carrier grade microwave networks and serving microwave field engineers across the world.

  • Large size antenna alignment (Part 3 of 3)

    This blog post explains large (6ft/1.8m and larger) size antenna alignment. As mentioned in the previous blog post, the main difficulty in aligning these antennas lies in finding the initial signal and doing the final fine tuning. Click to learn how to do it in the most efficient way!

  • Tele2 Link Troubleshooting Using Spectrum Compact

    Interference is one of the most common issues that mobile operators have to face. Mobile operator Tele2 faced an issue with one of their links and chose SAF services for link troubleshooting.

  • Interference detection using Spectrum Compact | LMT

    Growing number of network users and other point-to-point radio links operating on the same frequency are amongst the most common aspects regarding interference issues for mobile operators. In order to resolve problems in backbone point-to-point radio network, as well as, to improve the existing network quality, LMT uses Spectrum Compact analyzer.