Integra series feature overview

72018 November

Integra series products are developed as easy-to-use full outdoor devices, and user friendly, light design is one of identifying traits of this product line. Nevertheless, Integra series products offer wide variety of features, which can be useful building complex, carrier grade networks.

There are two Integra models currently available, Integra-G and Integra-W, and more will come in next months.

Integra-G is a product with advanced functionality and plenty of Ethernet features. It allows operation in various size channels, from 3.5 up to 60 MHz. Special product modification supports also 1.75 MHz bandwidth.

This product ensures aggregating and redundant operation, thanks to following:

  • 2+0 operation with L1 aggregation and protection switching.
    This mode makes double capacity operation possible, and traffic is split per-frame over two links on modem level. Aggregation is not based on MAC-MAC connections. Thus, single MAC address connection (e.g. router) can be used on both ends of link. This mode also ensures hitless switching to 1+0 without interruption in service.
  • 1+1 Hot Standby operation.
    This mode ensures protection switching on the same channel, supporting redundancy for mission critical communications.

Keeping Telecommunication operator and Wireless Internet Service provider needs in mind, SAF Tehnika implemented many important Ethernet features for Integra-G product.

  • Header compression is performed for repeating, redundant data, usually included in Ethernet headers: TCP/UDP data, IP header, QinQ VLANs headers, MAC addresses and Ethernet Layer 1 overhead. Depending on Ethernet frame size, it ensures payload capacity increase: up to about 60% for short 64K frames.
  • AES 256-bit encryption allows secure transmission and protects classified information up to the secret level. The AES algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that can encrypt (encipher) and decrypt (decipher) information, and it is specified by FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) 197 standard [1]. Integra-G product is validated against FIPS 197 and placed on validated product list [2].

Moreover, product supports RADIUS server authentication for maximum secure management access.

  • Various GE Switch and Carrier Ethernet features, as 802.1Q VLANs with QoS/CoS, Spanning Tree Protocol, Synchronous Ethernet, Jumbo frames and more. Using these features, it is easy to adapt Integra-G product to complex network, whose are typically deployed by operators.

Integra-W is a broadband product with maximized transmission power, it operates in channel bandwidth from 40 up to 112 MHz and can deliver up to 883 Mbps capacity.

This product is designed to address customer needs for fast, reliable and cost-effective network backbone, and it has following main features:

  • Advanced predistortion algorithm enables higher Tx power, up to +33dBm for 6 GHz product.
  • Optional Out-of-band management ensures perfect separation from user traffic, making management access from end user network practically impossible.
  • Redundant powering option due to the two built-in PoE capable electrical Ethernet ports.

SAF Tehnika continuously keeps developing new products, and the features of new coming Integra-E and Integra-X will be illustrated in the subsequent blog posts.




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