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242018 October


Being broadcasted since 1954 – state owned Latvian Television (LTV) is transmitting the major important events and information for the most Latvian inhabitants across the country. Working together with our long-term cooperation partner - Latvia State Radio and Television Center (LVRTC), SAF Tehnika is supporting LVRTC to provide critical infrastructure necessary for live event broadcasting during some of the biggest and widely discussed events. This year LTV got the exclusive rights to broadcast the visit of His Holiness the Pope Francis - head of the Roman Catholic church.


Latvia State Radio and Television Center is the leading electronic communication service provider in Latvia. Ensuring high quality and safe telecommunication solutions for the most significant mobile communication, internet and telecommunication operators represented in Latvia as well as public authorities, LVRTC is the key broadcasting network operator in the state.


During the visit, Pope was intending to hold a holy mass in the most important Catholic church in Latvia, which is located in a small, remote town of Aglona. LVRTC was required to ensure uninterrupted live HD stream from the location with no proper communications infrastructure in place. In the church surroundings there is no access to the TV and telecom towers or fiber. The biggest challenge in this particular situation was to provide a fully redundant high-capacity video stream from the event to the mobile broadcasting studio, which in turn, would send the signal to the nearest towers and further to the main studio located in the capital in 200km/124mi distance.

The solution enabled LTV to provide necessary HD video broadcast of a Pope Francis visit to one of the holiest places in Latvia - the Basilica of Aglona.


SAF Tehnika recently has developed a portable link solution for broadcasting, military and several other industries. It ensures mobility and provides stable and uninterrupted high capacity data streams where
infrastructure is insufficient or non-existent. For the particular event, a 2+0 mobile solution was used, where transmitting link was placed on a specially designed rugged tripod that was deployed on a mobile studio’s roof. 7GHz Integra-GS radios were used for high capacity data transmission from the site.

“SAF Tehnika provided not only the best customer support and being in cooperation with a local manufacturer, but also a long-term warranty and professional specialists.”
- Marcis Kroja, Director of Data transmission department at LVRTC

Portable Microwave link solution from SAF Tehnika is developed to suit customer needs for fast deployment of reliable radio transmission. Broadcasting companies require it for live events, rescue services in case of emergency actions, but armed forces – for routine operations.

The solution is compatible with following SAF radios in any frequency band:

The portable solution supports a wide variety of applications and radio configurations. As result, it must be customized in most cases, especially in the case of Split-mount solution. Any compatible Indoor unit can be connected upon customer requirements for traffic interface types, capacity and configuration. The customer can decide, whether to install indoor equipment in its existing infrastructure (vehicles or mobile buildings) or to mobile equipment racks or casings from SAF Tehnika offer.

More information about SAF mobile link, please write to Sorry, no go without enabled JS, pal. :( or inquire with your local SAF sales representative.

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