Double your link capacity with Integra-X

292019 July

SAF Tehnika meets another milestone on its way of consistent technological innovation. We are proud to announce our new dual core radio Integra-X, the newest member of full-outdoor radio product line.

Integra-X incorporates two transceivers and two modem chains allowing this system to operate in native 2+0 XPIC mode, reaching maximum data transmission capacity up to 2.2 gigabits per second.

Key features:

  • Native XPIC
  • High capacity and reliability
  • 10Gbps Ethernet switch
  • 5-year standard warranty

Built in Layer 1 Ethernet aggregation provides reliable data stream utilizing two parallel transmission channels in both polarizations. Thus, a single RF channel may be utilized for two parallel wireless links by means of parallel transmission on vertical and horizontal polarizations independently. Radio incorporates 10 Gbps Ethernet switch with switching capacity over 50 Gbps, which is carrier-grade solution for interconnecting the radio to the network.

Mobile networking operators, WISPs, Utility providers, large corporations needing reliable MW point-to-point data links, these are only few samples of customer segments who could benefit from using Integra-X. The expansion of 5G networks, one of the key developments in mobile technology area also requires more network backbone capacity, where Integra-X can serve with success.

Teaming up with 10 Gbps Integra-E, other recently released SAF product, Integra-X can be used to create combined solution, sharing both extremely high transmission capacity of millimeter waves and high availability of conventional microwave links.

Customers, exploiting existing Integra links but requiring more capacity, can simply perform a link upgrade, reusing the existing antennas. The new Integra-X has a usual SAF2 antenna interface, which has been used on Integra products for years. Existing single-core Integra radio can be replaced by Integra-X dual core system, and this upgrade does not affect antenna installation, link adjustment and tower load values. It is a real advantage comparing to 2+0 setup with two radios attached to antenna over an OMT or Coupler.

Moreover, upgrade from single channel to XPIC operation might even not require additional licensing expense, according regulatory policy in many countries. That means lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of new Integra-X radio comparing to single channel products.

As a sign of outstanding quality, we will be shipping Integra-X radios with industry leading 5 years warranty and excellent 24/7 technical support from the very beginning. Upgrades and newly implemented features will be available free-of-charge during the whole lifecycle of product.

The new radio is currently available in 6, 11 and 18 GHz frequency bands, but all licensed microwave bands will be covered in the nearest future.

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Product manager

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