Janis Bergs

VP Global Sales and Marketing at SAF Tehnika

I have more than 20 years of experience in IT industry. From 2000 till 2006 I served as a board member and later as CEO of the largest Baltic’s IT company Microlink. I have graduated Riga Technical University as well as Riga Business School and hold a degree in radio engineering and MBA. Since 2013 I've been managing SAF North America office in Denver, Colorado. I will share my views on industry trends and the daily life of our North America office.

Denver, Colorado 7 Posts

  • How to Stay Productive While Managing Sales Teams on Several Continents

    It was back in those mythical times when people were casually gathering in large numbers without breaking the law or creating a health threat.

  • On Peach People and Coconut People

    President of SAF North America Janis Bergs on cultural differences between Latvians and Americans

  • A Message to Partners and Customers During COVID-19

    It’s been over one month since I wrote the previous “We Are Alive” message and I think that it’s time for a new one. Especially because your replies from all around the world have been very interesting and encouraging. It is one thing what we read in the media and another what we hear from people we know. To be short: We are very much alive!

  • On Remote Work

    As we are adapting to working remotely, here are a few of tips on how to make work from home efficient and productive by Janis Bergs, President of SAF North America. In this article you will find out about the best planning strategies for remote work, organizing successful meetings, overcoming technical issues, and more.

  • With the wind with WISP’s

    We've just returned from the annual Wireless Without Limits cruise conference where we announced few important product updates and met lots of wonderful people!

  • Our secret recipe for organizing a great event

    We have unlocked the 3 secret ingredients that make a great event

  • Working remotely and together

    President of SAF North America Janis Bergs on how to run business with half of its employees working remotely