252019 October

GALLERY: The Magic of Science through Kid’s Eyes MM

The school autumn holidays are soon coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop – quite the contrary, because school subjects such as math, chemistry and physics can be both intelligible and compelling if explained the right way. Therefore we take a look back, as for the third year in a row we organized the Kid’s Day at SAF Tehnika, teaching the youngsters of SAF employees more about their parents' respective fields of work. The main goal still is to spark a curiosity in scientific disciplines in children.

172019 October

SAF Indoor Signal Mapper UPD

SAF Tehnika is an official partner of TRX Systems, a leader in GPS location tracking and mapping solutions. The integration of TRX’s NEON® Signal Mapper application with SAF’s hand-held spectrum analyzer provides an ideal solution for professionals who conduct in-building testing of public safety and commercial cellular networks.

182019 September

SAF Spectrum Compact for 5G Network UPD

5G networks are here, and the US carriers are all moving ahead with Verizon currently having more than 10 cities turned up with go-live plans by the end of 2019. Read the article to find out about WSJ’s Joanna Stern's informative and entertaining review, biggest challenges for carriers , and more.

292019 July

Double your link capacity with Integra-X UPD

SAF Tehnika meets another milestone on its way of consistent technological innovation. We are proud to announce our new dual core radio Integra-X, the newest member of full-outdoor radio product line.

192019 July

Integra-E installation and alignment tutorials MM

Recently we posted two episodes of the Integra-E configuration video tutorials. In this post you are going to learn how to mount an Integra-E FODU on the antenna, how to apply power and set up MNG and data connections as well as how to align the antenna of Integra-E link both using conventional methods and by using an E-band Spectrum Compact. 

142019 May

How to protect your link from lightning? WP

Tower sites are vulnerable by lightning more often than any other site, because tower is higher than the surrounding terrain. Moreover, it is a conductor. Without proper protection and grounding microwave equipment will suffer damage.

42019 April

E-band Spectrum Compact wins EDI CON China Innovation Award UPD

EDI CON China 2019 has announced the winners and presented the trophies to company representatives in its second annual EDI CON CHINA Product Innovation Awards. SAF Tehnika's E-band Spectrum Compact has won the Innovation award in the Test & Measurement category.

202019 March

Integra-E configuration video tutorials MM

In this episode you will learn how to bench test and configure Integra E link. Integra-E is a perfect wireless alternative to optical fibre, delivering reliable 10 Gigabit capacity.

62019 March

Spectrum Compact 56 - 67GHz Review, Teardown & Experiments by Signal Path MM

We gave one of our Spectrum Compact devices to Signal Path YouTube channel for a teardown and review.

282019 February

Experience the Freedom of Capacity With the New Integra-E 10 Gbps Microwave System UPD

SAF Tehnika celebrates its 20th anniversary by introducing our newest member of the Integra family of point-to-point radios.