Integra-E configuration video tutorials

202019 March

The new Integra-E delivers fiber-equivalent capacities without cable related limitations. It has the same Integra family characteristics of high-reliability, carrier grade features and performance, and a 5-year warranty. The Integra-E extends the Integra family into the E-band frequencies, delivering 10 Gbps capacity. Watch the video to learn how to properly bench test and configure the Integra-E.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Integra-E Main benefits

  • Freedom of Capacity. Integra-E offers 10Gbps capacity making it a perfect wireless alternative to fiber.
  • Light licensing requirements. Save money by delivering higher capacity with lower licensing costs.
  • Advanced Code Modulation and Baud. Significantly increases payload capacity and link availability.
  • Advanced Ethernet functionality with 50 Gbps switching capacity
  • 5-year standard warranty. Excellent 24/7 technical support and reliable capacity.

For more information on Integra-E, please visit our website or write an email to Sorry, no go without enabled JS, pal. :(

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