Experience the Freedom of Capacity With the New Integra-E 10 Gbps Microwave System

282019 February

February 28th, 2019. The new Integra-E delivers fiber-equivalent capacities without cable related limitations. It has the same Integra family characteristics of high-reliability, carrier-grade features and performance, and a 5-year warranty. The Integra-E extends the Integra family into the E-band frequencies, delivering 10 Gbps capacity.

We have successfully satisfied customer needs for many years; developing different microwave radio products for various link distances and capacities. However, Integra-E is the first to deliver true fiber capacity. The extremely wide bandwidth available in the 70 – 80 GHz band enables these high capacities, and the advanced technical features implemented within our E-band radio allow for full utilization of the available bandwidth, maximizing capacity and link availability.

Main benefits

  • Freedom of Capacity. Integra-E offers 10 Gbps capacity making it a perfect wireless alternative to fiber.

  • Light licensing requirements. Save money by delivering higher capacity with lower licensing costs.

  • Advanced Code Modulation and Baud. Significantly increases payload capacity and link availability.

  • Advanced Ethernet functionality with 50 Gbps switching capacity.

  • 5-year standard warranty. Excellent 24/7 technical support and reliable capacity.

Our new Integra-E radio supports ACMB feature. That means, in addition to ACM, bandwidth changes are performed in real time based on the link’s conditions. First, modulation is stepped down until BPSK is reached, then the initial bandwidth is divided by 2 and then by 4 in attempts to keep the link live.

Knowing that many of our customers rely on the advanced Ethernet switch functionality built into our MW radios, we implemented a 10 Gbps switch with 50 Gbps switching capacity in our new E-band radio.

Integra-E is the Right Solution for a quick and cost-effective fiber alternative or for advancing the edge of your fiber networks. It is easy to establish a 10 Gbps network with Integra-E radio links using the built-in RSSI measurement with tone and LED indication along with the RF spectrum analyzer in the web GUI.

Integra-E radios come with an industry leading 5-year warranty and excellent 24/7 technical support. What does that deliver for our customers?

  • 5 years of reliable 10 Gbps capacity;

  • 5 years of freedom to not worry about technical issues- thanks to SAF’s world-class Technical Support team.

For more information on Integra-E, please visit our website www.saftehnika.com/en/integrae or write an email to Sorry, no go without enabled JS, pal. :(.

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