202019 March

Integra-E configuration video tutorials MM

In this episode you will learn how to bench test and configure Integra E link. Integra-E is a perfect wireless alternative to optical fibre, delivering reliable 10 Gigabit capacity.

62019 March

Spectrum Compact 56 - 67GHz Review, Teardown & Experiments by Signal Path MM

We gave one of our Spectrum Compact devices to Signal Path YouTube channel for a teardown and review.

282019 February

Experience the Freedom of Capacity With the New Integra-E 10 Gbps Microwave System UPD

SAF Tehnika celebrates its 20th anniversary by introducing our newest member of the Integra family of point-to-point radios.

202018 December

Latest Integra series firmware updates UPD

Latest Integra/Integra-S/Integra-G/Integra-GS and Integra-W/-WS out-band and in-band firmware updates are now available. To learn more and download the updates read the dedicated article.

52018 December

Are you Ready for Over-the-air Testing for 5G Network? UPD

One of the main 5G network rollout challenges the carriers will face is propagation. There are two ways to overcome it. Physical positioning of transmitters and power. Continue reading.

262018 November

6 ways how to fight multipath without diversity WP

Multipath effect is the second most significant troublemaker for microwave link performance after the rain attenuation. Here are the six main methods to deal with it.

202018 November

Interference in licensed and unlicensed bands: possible sources and tasks for problem solving WP

Microwave radio links affected by interference have reduced performance. In this article we'll try to explain possible sources of interference and ways to deal with it.

152018 November

Important CFIP PhoeniX IDU firmware update UPD

Important CFIP PhoeniX IDU firmware update is here. To learn more about the improvements read the dedicated article.

72018 November

Integra series feature overview UPD

Integra series products are developed as easy-to-use full outdoor devices. User friendly, light design is one of identifying traits of this product line. Nevertheless, Integra series products offer wide variety of features, which can be useful for building complex, carrier grade networks.

22018 November

Integra Series Radio 256 -bit AES encryption has been validated with FIPS 197 certification UPD

FIPS is the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).