212020 May

On Peach People and Coconut People UPD

President of SAF North America Janis Bergs on cultural differences between Latvians and Americans

292020 April

Spectrum Compact: Drone-Compatible Solutions for Regulatory Authorities and Business CS

Spectrum Compact, our truly handheld test and measurement solution for the 300 MHz – 87 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands, is integration-ready platform which in partnership with industrial drone manufacturers and drone solution integrators can bring to market an aerial RF inspection solution.

202020 April

A Message to Partners and Customers During COVID-19 UPD

It’s been over one month since I wrote the previous “We Are Alive” message and I think that it’s time for a new one. Especially because your replies from all around the world have been very interesting and encouraging. It is one thing what we read in the media and another what we hear from people we know. To be short: We are very much alive!

22020 April

On Remote Work UPD

As we are adapting to working remotely, here are a few of tips on how to make work from home efficient and productive by Janis Bergs, President of SAF North America. In this article you will find out about the best planning strategies for remote work, organizing successful meetings, overcoming technical issues, and more.

192020 March

VIDEO: The PM of Latvia Visits SAF MM

Earlier this year the Prime Minister of Latvia, Krišjānis Kariņš came to visit SAF Tehnika on a tour that included the manufacturing, recently opened SAF Museum and more.

292020 January

Insight into Integra FODU Design WP

When it comes to weight, performance, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance the SAF Integra full outdoor unit (FODU) is going to be your best bet. Read more about the work that has gone into designing this powerhouse of a radio.

172020 January

GALLERY: 20 Years of SAF MM

As the world is celebrating the beginning of a new decade, SAF Tehnika JSC marks its own 20 year anniversary with a party of a decade (or rather two), turning a regular Monday into a memorable day of fun and festivity.

72020 January

Spectrum Compact Increases the Range of Its 24 – 40 GHz Spectrum Analyzer UPD

SAF Tehnika's Spectrum Compact increases its range from 24 – 40 GHz to 24 – 43 GHz for even faster sweep time and better frequency accuracy. Same trusted quality. Increased range. Spectrum Compact – world's first truly handheld microwave spectrum analyzer.

32019 December

GALLERY: 5G Techritory Brings the Industry Together MM

SAF Tehnika participated at the Baltic Sea region's biggest 5G event – 5G Techitory.

132019 November

Reliable Industry Grade Solution for Egyptian Gas Company CS

It is hard to imagine an industry more challenging and demanding than oil and gas production. The supply chains are beyond complex, operating costs are high – and on top of that companies are forced to operate in remote and possibly hostile environments. Ensuring reliable communication between onshore and offshore locations is one of the biggest challenges that the natural gas platforms face.