202018 November

Interference in licensed and unlicensed bands: possible sources and tasks for problem solving WP

Microwave radio links affected by interference have reduced performance. In this article we'll try to explain possible sources of interference and ways to deal with it.

152018 November

Important CFIP PhoeniX IDU firmware update UPD

Important CFIP PhoeniX IDU firmware update is here. To learn more about the improvements read the dedicated article.

72018 November

Integra series feature overview UPD

Integra series products are developed as easy-to-use full outdoor devices. User friendly, light design is one of identifying traits of this product line. Nevertheless, Integra series products offer wide variety of features, which can be useful for building complex, carrier grade networks.

22018 November

Integra Series Radio 256 -bit AES encryption has been validated with FIPS 197 certification UPD

FIPS is the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

242018 October

Portable link solution for broadcasting CS

Customer was required to ensure uninterrupted live HD stream from the event location with no proper communications infrastructure in place. Portable link solution was deployed to solve the problem.

172018 October

Day of training with our friends from unWired Broadband UPD

We want to ensure that our valued customers receive the best service. Teaching our customers how to get the best out of our products is very important.

102018 October

How to optimize SAF NMS server load WP

Large network monitoring and maintenance requires a sophisticated network management system (NMS). Therefore, the NMS server hardware selection should not be done in a hurry, as nobody would like to experience the placidity of the server at the most unsuitable time.

52018 October

Reasons to start using Spectrum Manager free software UPD

By purchasing any of Spectrum or SG compact devices you also get a Spectrum Manager PC software that can be downloaded from SAF Tehnika website at no additional cost. Here are some reasons why you should give it a try!

192018 September

Gallery: The Annual Global Sales Meeting 2018 MM

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