32018 May

Challenges of an external Layer 2 aggregation WP

This whitepaper is aimed to emphasize several challenges, which can be seen mainly in the wireless link Layer 2 aggregation

262018 April

Link aggregation in microwave links WP

What is link aggregation in microwave links and how does it work?

192018 April

Spectrum Compact for LTE in CBRS Site Survey WP

For the WISP market, deploying in CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) is attractive as a way to efficiently increase customer bandwidth, but it still requires significant investment in both infrastructure and engineering.

102018 April

New product announcement | PhoeniX G2 UPD

We are proud to announce the latest full indoor/split-mount product development - the PhoeniX G2.

52018 April

Our secret recipe for organizing a great event UPD

We have unlocked the 3 secret ingredients that make a great event

282018 March

The Easter egg hunt has never been so easy UPD

Latest (possible) invention by our skillful engineers

222018 March

But there is always room for improvement UPD

Power of the people - did you know that YOU determine what you read on our blog? Help us improve our content.

162018 March

We run Marathons in the Antarctic CS

Our client Affinity Communication Systems Ltd was approached by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to provide a suitable Microwave Link solution to aid their research work. The extreme environment of the winter months in Antarctica presented some challenges for reliability of operation.