262017 May

PtP antenna alignment using spectrum analyzer (part 2 of 3) WP

A different, more effective way of aligning antennas, regardless of their size. This method involves using a spectrum analyzer.

262017 April

Point-to-point antenna alignment (part 1 of 3) WP

How to avoid most common mistakes and how to perform antenna alignment in the most effective way?

72015 October

LC-LC optical cable assembly WP

Integra, the last generation of SAF Tehnika outdoor microwave radios, is equipped with Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports and usually has an optical transceiver with LC connectors installed. This paper addresses connectivity challenges met by engineers.

12015 July

Active Cooling Solutions For Demanding Next Generation Backhaul WP

Revolutionary next generation active cooling solutions for all outdoor, high transmit output power radio solutions

222013 January

Co-located SAF links for frequency reuse WP

Often it is desirable to reuse the same frequency channel for co-located point-to-point microwave radio systems. This paper assesses basic practical aspects and SAF recommendations of interference avoidance commonly queried by engineers.