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272017 April

Tele2 Link Troubleshooting Using Spectrum Compact CS

Interference is one of the most common issues that mobile operators have to face. Mobile operator Tele2 faced an issue with one of their links and chose SAF services for link troubleshooting.

22016 August

SAF on the water | E.ON Climate & Renewables CS

E.ON Climate & Renewables is responsible for E.ON Group's global renewables and carbon sourcing activities. Its Amrumbank offshore wind farm is located in the North Sea and uses the connection of SAF products.

112016 April

Wireless Network Upgrade using SAF CFIP Lumina CS

Demand for rapid and secure data transmission quality is growing. As a result of that SAF’s client, Buzcom planned a significant upgrade scheme within the company, to expand the capacity available to its customer base. In order to avoid unreasonable fiber prices and prolonged installation time, wireless internet service provider Buzcom uses SAF's Integra and CFIP Lumina radios which offer the highest quality and provide great value for money.

12016 April

Interference detection using Spectrum Compact | LMT CS

Growing number of network users and other point-to-point radio links operating on the same frequency are amongst the most common aspects regarding interference issues for mobile operators. In order to resolve problems in backbone point-to-point radio network, as well as, to improve the existing network quality, LMT uses Spectrum Compact analyzer.

12015 March

The indestructible Integra | ACE Telecom, Hungary CS

ACE Telecom was among the first in the world to experience the simple, user-friendly installation of Integra.

92014 March

Core network upgrade | Island of St. Helena CS

St Helena Island is one of the most remote places on Earth. Here are the challenges and solutions of deploying links in remote environments

22014 January

Antenna adjustment using spectrum analyzer CS

A wireless internet service provider encountered difficulties with a 17-mile microwave link while performing a network upgrade. Here is how they resolved their problem

142013 November

George Zimmerman trial broadcast CS

While the United States were following the events in court related to the George Zimmerman trial, Florida’s Seminole County’s Criminal Justice Center had to ensure that the video feed and related data transmission was never interrupted for the media outlets providing coverage of the event.

92013 September

CFIP Lumina for broadcasting | VRT Belgium CS

VRT is the Belgian-Flemish public broadcast company and provides audiovisual programs and services to a wide audience on all platforms, independent of commercial or political influence. It focuses on quality, durability, and a sense of community.

282011 April

Wireless backhaul for Arizona carrier CS

Experior Networks were looking for microwave radio equipment to suit their needs for building a wireless backhaul in Mohave County and Laughlin, state Nevada.