Wireless Network Upgrade using SAF CFIP Lumina

112016 April


Demand for rapid and secure data transmission quality is growing. As a result of that SAF’s client, Buzcom planned a significant upgrade scheme within the company, to expand the capacity available to its customer base. In order to avoid unreasonable fiber prices and prolonged installation time, wireless internet service provider Buzcom uses SAF's Integra and CFIP Lumina radios which offer the highest quality and provide great value for money.


Buzcom is an innovative communications company specializing in Wireless Radio Links. Based in Chelmsford, Essex, the company supplies the infrastructure for the FibreWiFi Broadband Network in the East of England. Buzcom Radio Network covers vast areas of Eastern England with the largest network of its kind in the UK.

Buzcom Network

  • Location: The United Kingdom, Essex/Suffolk,

  • Equipment: CFIP Lumina, 2+0 link aggregation (dual pol),

  • Link distance: 30km

  • Frequency: 7GHz Upper sub-band (Ofcom)


Similar to other wireless internet providers, Buzcom was faced with a challenge of joining two physically separate networks together in order to expand their core network. In these circumstances, WISP’s have to choose between two options – fiber optics or microwave radios. Due to the success of the FibreWiFi ISP they had outgrown their current backhaul radio infrastructure. They needed to increase their capacity in order to continue to grow the network. Buzcom’s engineers looked at two options - Fibre Optics or Microwave radios. Fibre to the tower was ruled out on the grounds of cost (circa £30,000) as well as the lengthy installation time. Fully licensed radio links were required to ensure customers numbers could continue to grow whilst still being able to deliver the speeds to existing subscribers.

“SAF represents great value for money, allowing our company to provision a link at a fraction of the cost of other solutions provided by competitors.”
Gary Disley, Managing Director, Buzcom


To meet the criteria of vast link expansion, short installation time, high product quality and reasonable price, Buzcom chooses SAF Integra-S and Lumina products. SAF’s engineers worked closely with Buzcom’s to design a 600Mbps link between two sites to meet their criteria. SAF’s CFIP Lumina provided the best possible solution. SAF’s radios play a central role in Buzcom Core Network Infrastructure and so reliability and usability are key. Onsite engineers can use handheld devices to align links, whilst Buzcom’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) can see exactly how the link is performing. SAF team works avidly in the client's interests, by providing the company with technical support and guiding them through the installation, application and maintenance process.

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