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92013 September


The temporary links are very critical since they are mostly used for live transmission with a direct impact for the customers if a problem occurs. Therefore every link is redundant. The existing microwave links with their older technology were outdated and limited in transmit payload capacity. The evolution from a non-flexible PDH technology to a flexible IP platform for the transmission of video and audio was revolutionary but necessary. The VRT goal was to ensure a 50 km link with a capacity of at least 100 Mb/s and a fade margin of 15dB. This is achieved with a 3 m parabolic antenna at fixed site and a 0.9 m antenna on the other site, with a high output power of +25 dBm. Some of the important requirements: a minimum payload of 100 Mb/s within a bandwidth of 30 MHz, a minimum system value of 105 dB, an optical Ethernet interface, VLAN possibilities and multicast.


The receive stations are permanently connected to the VRT centre through fiber. The SAF Lumina equipments are used to ensure temporary contribution microwave links between an event location and a fixed receive station. VRT possesses 3 transmission vans and each of them is equipped with 4 SAF Lumina radios for the configuration of 2 redundant links. Live, high quality video and audio signals are transported to the VRT site. Each signal has a defined QoS and VLAN to ensure optimal utilization of the equipment. Microwave links need a line-of-sight connection; therefore at the event location the SAF Lumina equipment is either placed on the roof of a building or installed onto a mobile tower vehicle

“VRT Telecom Transmission services is very satisfied with these equipments, they are easy to configure, they have a lot of possibilities and are very reliable and stable in production environments.”

Pierre Vandenberghe Chief engineer of technical management, VTR

Additional benefits

Apart from previously mentioned preferentials:

  • Lumina radios support two different channel spacings through the external quadruplexer;
  • Lumina has quick installation and setup;
  • they are low weight radios for increased mobility;
  • Lumina has robust design and sturdy handles for easier carrying;
  • they are low latency products, ideal for live broadcasting.

The partner

Diginet has been founded in 1996 and have become in a relatively short time a strategic partner in the broadcast & television industry. Diginet’s core business is distribution, sales, engineering, installation and after-sales of professional equipment dedicated to the broadcast-, telecom- and corporate audiovisual industry.

“Previously VRT Technology was not at all familiar with SAF products. SAF Lumina equipment was chosen after a worldwide market study. They are compact Full outdoors with flexible specifications and they meet totally with our expectations. The price of course was also an issue. By choosing SAF we left the “broadcast adapted” microwave links which were more expensive. VRT uses the SAF links for almost 2 years now and is satisfied with the overall performance and the stability also in severe weather conditions.”

Pierre Vandenberghe, VRT

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