Wireless backhaul for Arizona carrier

282011 April


Our client Experior Networks made an extensive research on various IP radio manufacturers where such crucial factors as company reputation, product range, reliability of the product, features, power consumption, warranty and the price were considered before making the final decision. The company wanted their wireless network to be built utilizing reliable wireless equipment which would withstand harsh environmental conditions typical for the region.


Based on previously set criteria Experior Networks have chosen SAF microwave radio systems. They were very pleased with SAF products as they proved to be very reliable and stable for both short and long distances. The radios have held up well under some very harsh environmental conditions including 125F° (+51C°) temperatures in the summer in both Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City, Arizona as well as in the mountains covered in snow at 8500' feet (2590m) elevation. Experior Networks run voice traffic, IP, critical data including live multicast for six radio stations and the radios have been working flawlessly. Deploying SAF radios they have built a redundant carrier-grade network with high capacity backbone to several key interconnection points.

“We found SAF when doing research on carrier-grade IP radios from companies with a solid reputation. We built our network from the ground up using SAF radios for all our wireless links on our core network and we are very pleased with SAF products we have deployed. The products have proven to be very reliable and stable for both short and long distances, operating flawlessly even in harsh weather conditions.”

- Chris Henshaw CEO Experior Networks


Equipment: SAF CFIP Lumina and CFIP PhoeniX
Longest Link distance: 44miles (70km)
Frequency: 11; 18; 23; 24 GHz
Capacity: up to 366 Mbps(per radio)
Services: Ethernet

Experior Networks Wireless backhaul utilizing SAF links

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