Handheld Spectrum Analyzer for DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)

122018 September

The demand for seamless connectivity across all platforms continues to grow. Consumers want to be able to take calls, video chat, and stream music wherever they are, sometimes simultaneously. While providing this bandwidth in an outdoor context has its own set of challenges, ensuring in-building coverage is even trickier with all the varying materials and indoor topography. DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) is mainly used for densely populated areas – shopping malls, stadiums, large office, government buildings, etc. All these locations require even distribution of network coverage.

Compounding the issue is the fact that often there are many different frequencies deployed, each with their own propagation characteristics. This affects carriers, building owners, internet service providers, and the contractors and integrators who install and maintain these systems.

The DAS market continues to grow at double-digit rates and the rollout of 5G over the next few years will only accelerate the demand for these services. Site and network planning, as well as getting in-building connectivity right continue to be difficult, and the growing demand will strain the workforce relied upon to provide these services.

To help address the present and upcoming needs of this market, SAF Tehnika is pleased to offer the latest product in our Spectrum Compact lineup, the J0SSAP33, covering 300 MHz-3 GHz frequency range. This is the latest addition to our hand-held spectrum analyzer family, already covering 2-40 GHz, 56-67 GHz and 70-87 GHz.

Keeping in line with the rest of SAF’s lineup, the J0SSAP33 features instant-on functionality, an ultra-compact form factor, lightweight, and intuitive GUI. The unit doesn’t require an external controller and is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum case. The J0SSAP33 features switchable internal attenuators up to 30dB and max input power of +27dBm, that allows it to work with strong signals close to the transmitter. Adjustable resolution bandwidth (RBW) from 10-300 kHz provides the flexibility to quickly check spectrum with the wider RBW or closely examine a narrowband signal down to 10kHz. The receiver’s high sensitivity; noise floor of -128 dBm at 10kHz RBW, allows the observation of very weak signals. For engineers designing and deploying DAS, Spectrum Compact’s 8GB internal memory provides massive storage for saving spectrum scans during space mapping. This spectrum analyzer is built for the rigors of the field.

Field operation
Designed to be the ultimate tool for easy physical layer investigation, an RF novice can be trained to be proficient on the product in a few hours. The lightweight and handheld design of Spectrum Compact provides the ultimate in efficiency for performing walk tests. Experienced RF engineers will appreciate the efficiency in gaining the insight they’re looking for by quickly getting the accurate measurements and data they require. The built-in recording feature allows you to save hundreds of hours of data for deeper analysis and reporting using SAF’s Spectrum Manager PC software. Spectrum Manager can also be used to run the spectrum analyzer remotely from a PC, improving accuracy and saving time.

With the J0SSAP33, SAF now has 8 spectrum analyzers covering 300 MHz - 87 GHz. To learn more about these incredible tools for in-building characterization, interference hunting, and site acceptance, visit www.saftehnika.com.

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