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102018 April

We are proud to announce the latest full indoor/split-mount product development - the PhoeniX G2.

Latest Technology

Channel bandwidth from 7 to 60 MHz, the PhoeniX G2 supports capacities of up to 452 Mbps in 1+0 full-duplex configuration

Longer Distances

Thanks to better system gain at 256 QAM, with modulations of up to 1024 QAM. The capacity can be expanded to 900 Mbps in a 2+0 configuration

Compact Design

The single, half-rack width, IDU supports two radios, making it possible to set up 2+0 configurations using just one indoor unit.

For customers who require E1/T1 support, external 16xE1/T1 modules are also available. Since the external module’s width is also a half-rack, it is possible to install both the IDU and a single module in a regular 1U rack.

G2 will also support external ASI modules, providing up to 16 native ASI interfaces with low latency and low jitter. Simplex traffic support, as well as a 1+1 Full-redundancy solution, will also be available.

PhoeniX G2 has XPIC support, making it possible to be more flexible in terms of channel planning. Coming with the over-the-air 256-bit encryption, hitless ACM, Ethernet Layer 1 link bonding, and more, the G2 can also be installed as a full-indoor solution, using SAF Indoor Radio Frequency Units.

Click here to learn more about PhoeniX G2. Have any questions? Get in touch with our team

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By Daniele Zedda   •   18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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