SAF's CFIP PhoeniX C broadcasting solution wins third place at the Latvian-American Innovation Awards ceremony

302018 May

To highlight and promote entrepreneurship, research-driven innovation, and closer economic ties between Latvia and the United States, the BAFF - Baltic-American Freedom Foundation, United States Embassy - Riga, Latvia and AmCham Latvia, together with TechHub Riga and Latvian Startup Association Startin.LV held the first Latvian-American Innovation Award. SAF had the honor to be amongst the companies who have presented excellence in entrepreneurship between Latvia and the United States.

U.S. Ambassador Nancy Bikoff Pettit presented the award along with Minister of Economics of Latvia Arvils Ašeradens and the President of AmCham Latvia Arnis Kākulis. Out of 15 applications, the final 4 were chosen by jury and awarded for their achievements. Our team was honored to receive the third place for the innovations used in CFIP PhoeniX C broadcasting solution. The first place winner was Aerones with their newly developed heavy-lift drones designed to help clean and de-ice wind turbines. The runner-up award was presented to for their innovative music teaching application.

SAF Tehnika in collaboration with our US partner Heartland Video Systems and existing broadcast customers, has designed and developed the ideal TV Broadcast ATSC 3.0 Studio to Transmitter Link “STL” solution – the CFIP PhoeniX C.

TV broadcasters in the US will soon migrate to the new ATSC 3.0 standard, replacing existing earth-based transmitters and other equipment necessary for this migration. SAF’s CFIP PhoeniX C will be an integral part of the solution in delivering ATSC 3.0 from the studio to the transmitter site for programming delivered over the air to the public. ATSC 3.0 offers significant advantages over its predecessor ATSC 1.0 as follows:

  1. Mobility / Resilience - allows broadcasters to deliver programming and live video content to mobile phones, moving vehicles and offers deeper penetration into buildings, etc.
  2. Emergency Alert Services – broadcasters have long been relied on to deliver emergency public safety alerts. Their facilities and related infrastructure are designed to be fully redundant to continue broadcasting in times of emergencies related to weather, terror attacks, power outages, etc. ATSC 3.0 enables broadcasters to deliver emergency alerts to mobile devices, cars and homes across the country whereas ATSC 1.0 could only do so to homes.
  3. Interactive Services – people watching ATSC 3 delivered content can comment and interact with the show using their cell phone or other WiFi capable devices.

These factors make SAF’s CFIP PhoeniX C the “ideal” STL solution to transport both the current ATSC 1.0 and the new ATSC 3.0 standard simultaneously – which is required for some period of time while this migration process occurs and the legacy ATSC 1.0 is phased out.

Learn more about CFIP PhoeniX C and all the various solutions it can offer:

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