162018 March

We run Marathons in the Antarctic CS

Our client Affinity Communication Systems Ltd was approached by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to provide a suitable Microwave Link solution to aid their research work. The extreme environment of the winter months in Antarctica presented some challenges for reliability of operation.

72018 March

Fiber-microwave hybrid network | Cowlitz County Fire District #5 CS

The cost of deploying fiber is too expensive. Here's how we created a fiber-microwave hybrid network for one of our clients in the critical communications industry

222018 February

Achieving goal performance parameters with ACM WP

We have learned about the benefits of using ACM in microwave communications, but how to achieve your goal performance?

72018 February

Harsh weather enduring radios CS

Our radios have proven to endure some extreme conditions. Even when hit with a huge block of ice and enduring the hot and cold weather of Arizona

262018 January

Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) in Microwave Communications WP

What are the main benefits of using the must-have ACM technique to achieve the highest link performance