The ultimate monitoring solution for SAF microwave network: troubleshooting and diagnostics (Part 2 of 2)

242018 May

In the previous blog post we looked at some of the functions of SAF NMS (Network Management System). Another relevant function of NMS is troubleshooting and diagnostics. SAF NMS collects information about network elements within the monitored network, processes radio- and user-defined alarm thresholds. It provides the user with all necessary data for fast decision-making based on real-time data and taking control wherever it is necessary. Firstly, monitored parameter historical values can be reviewed in graphs. Performance graphs show trends of scalar (such as radio received signal level, radio transmitter power, etc.) or counter type (such as errored seconds, dropped packets, etc.) parameter values in charts.

Secondly, network failures and anomalies can be detected in real-time graphs, i.e., the user can perform the real-time performance analysis by selecting one or more parameters of single radio and comparing them to the same or different parameters of other radios.

It is important to note that SAF NMS also supports NorthBound interface for integration with higher level application monitoring systems (typically referred to as OSS systems), which could be necessary for large network owners and administrators. According to the provided configuration, SAF NMS can send event notifications (network element traps, SAF NMS generated traps) through the NorthBound interface.

One other reliability guarantor of SAF NMS is SAF NMS Backup Server and/or SAF NMS Backup Database Server support. SAF NMS Backup Server monitors Main Server in hot-standby mode and immediately reacts to Main Server malfunction. While SAF NMS Backup Database Server operates as mirroring service (based on MySQL DBMS replication feature). In case of SAF NMS Database Server crash, NMS Server and NMS Client shift their connections to Mirroring SAF NMS Database Server. In other words, SAF NMS provides failover protection with minimal downtime.

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