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192017 December

Ok, that headline might be a bit of a stretch, but you get what we mean - we are very proud of our latest creation. For the past two years our team has created a truly unique calendar, but before we delve into that, here is a quick backstory of how our idea came to be.

We have been in the microwave radio manufacturing business for 20 years now and during that period of time, we have acquired an extensive list of clients from all over the world. Our team has always applied the principle of learning important things about the countries that we work with and keeping up to date will all the latest news. That includes being interested in cultural celebrations and important events of those countries. Coming from a small country we highly value our get-togethers and our own celebrations. We have been doing the same with our friends and clients.

SAF exports to more than 130 countries worldwide and we pay close attention to worldwide and local celebrations. It was only the natural step to create a tangible calendar that our clients would find useful as well. Our calendar contains a lot of information while still looking sleek and minimalistic. You can find all the flags of the UN states and most important celebrations from the countries that we work with and plan to work with in the future.

Start your year off right - win this amazing calendar and other holiday presents from our team. All you have to do it, answer this question, send the right answer to our marketing team and get a chance to become a culture guru.

One of the longest microwave links in SAF history is also one of the highest. At one point it reaches almost 5km (3.1 mi). Its length is 150 km (93 mi). In which country is this link?

1) Peru
2) Nepal
3) Kyrgyzstan
4) Belarus

UPDATE: The contest has ended and we have found our winner! Congrats to Marco Franchi for sending in the right answer. One of our longest microwave links can be found in Kyrgyzstan.

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