Latest Phoenix G2 firmware update

52018 September

Latest Phoenix G2 firmware update is now available in > Downloads section.

Phoenix G2 firmware V0401_04

  • Added the correct description of the EMM ASI alarms regarding protection switching
  • Improved usage of a PEM IDU certificate with arbitrary name
  • Removed auto-revert mechanism from the EthVLAN page settings
  • Improvements over VLAN settings
  • Added option to set up the duplex settings for separate channels
  • Added option to enable the EMM failover in design 511
  • Number of minor improvements over the WEB GUI
  • Added support for 7 and 10MHz wide modulations
  • Added support for radio model selection from the GUI

The full changelog and upgrade instructions can be found inside .zip archive file.

If you have any questions and/or need assistance with the upgrade, please contact SAF Tech Support

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