WISPALOOZA Raises the Bar in 2017

232017 October

SAF Tehnika has attended and helped sponsor WISPAPALOOZA since the inception in 2011. The consensus of SAF team members and distributors was WISPALOOZA 2017 exceeded our expectations!

The show broke the previous year’s record numbers by 200 attendees and sold out the venue capacity of 110 exhibitors. The excitement and optimism in the exhibit hall was palpable. Exhibiting vendors raffled off impressive prizes including a new 2017 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck. It’s great to see WISPs receiving the attention and respect they deserve for delivering broadband internet access to communities throughout North America.

SAF NA Team (from left): Senior Techsupport specialist Tatjana Dunce, Sales manager Paul Koestner, VP of sales & marketing Peteris D'Carlo, Sales engineer Martins Dzelde and President of SAF North America Janis Bergs

Exhibiting vendors came from across the globe, ranging from fortune 500 companies like NEC and Huawei, to aspiring startups. Historically, exhibiting vendors have been network hardware manufacturers and distributors (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, switches, routers etc.). The mix of 2017 exhibitors was broad and included business consultants, software vendors, cloud services providers, solar power systems, IP surveillance, fiber optic hardware and 4G (LTE) standards based point-to multipoint radio systems vendors.

The trend in the WISP industry is to provide carrier grade data, voice and streaming video services including IPTV to their customers.

High consumer demand for streaming video services has increased many WISPs network capacity requirements to levels exceeding 1Gbps. To meet demand WISPs are designing their networks using high capacity backhaul links and LTE standards based point-to-multipoint systems. LTE systems require low latency and full duplex (FDD) synchronous transmission of data.

SAF Tehnika, a leading manufacturer of high capacity carrier-grade licensed microwave systems, perfectly complements backhaul for LTE systems. SAF Integra-WS radios provide up to 1.2Gbps capacity, sub 200ms latency and support for carrier Ethernet features. SAF hallmarks include:

  • Commitment to quality customers describe SAF radios as “set it and forget it” hardware
  • Simplicity – intuitive and userfriendly GUI for ease of link configuration, management and troubleshooting
  • Technical support 24x7 support with rapid response and case resolution

Not only does WISPALOOZA provide a venue for WISPs to meet vendors and learn about cutting-edge technology, it’s also a great opportunity for sharing experiences and best practices. This synergy leads to strong growth and successful business operations for WISP owners. The 5 days of Interactive training sessions focused on these important business tracts:

  • Technical Training - Touching every aspect of running a network
  • Business Strategies - Take your business to the next level of success
  • Sales and Marketing - Best practices and success stories
  • Human Resources - Learn how to hire and engage the best people for your organization

SAF Tehnika is proud to be WISPA member and Platinum sponsor of WISPALOOZA. We look forward to attending WISPAMERICA in March of 2018.

P.S. Here's a little nice offer to those who made it this far - a little present from SAF North America to our US customershttps://blog.saftehnika.com/site/assets/files/1249/wispa_2017_flyer_3.pdf

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