GALLERY: Save the Earth! It's the only planet with WIFI and chocolate

312018 May

You know how most companies have pens with their logo on it? We have pencils with our logo on it. Wooden pencils - very plain and simple. Although it might seem like it was our marketing preference to choose pencils over pens (don't get me wrong they are great) - there is a reason why we have them. SAF has always strived to be environmentally conscious so having eco-friendly pencils was a natural choice and there was no question about it. We recycle daily, every morning SAF founder parks his electric car by the entrance and every year we all gather to clean up an area in Latvia - these are just some of the aspects of being a part of our team. While there is still room to grow and to become more environmentally conscious, we think that we already have a solid foundation to base it on. Browse through the gallery of our this year's cleanup that took place in Krimulda municipality. During the 6 hour work day in the woods, our team cleared the river from dams and runoffs, created recreation areas and cleaned up the area along the trail.

Pro tip: we encourage you to take an empty bag with you when you go for a hike or a stroll through the woods - you will be surprised how fast it will fill up with trash that someone has left behind. As one very smart guy from Ancient Greece once said: "Little by little does the trick."

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