122017 September

VIDEO: It is comfortable outside of the comfort zone MM

Every year we host SAF Global Sales Meeting. It brings together agents from all over the world and has one goal - growth. Take a look at how it went.

212017 August

How a portable spectrum analyzer can lower telemetry tracking equipment downtime UPD

Spectrum Compact is a master of many things. Including the troubleshooting of telemetry systems in civil and military aviation.

162017 August

Caution: money traveling in ultra high speed | From Frankfurt to London CS

We are excited to share our story about an unusual application for microwave radios where our products were used to provide an ultra-low latency data link between the London and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges

282017 July

Quality RF Tools for the Budget Conscious UPD

Fast, cheap, good - choose only... three. Here's how Spectrum Compact stays relevant by inhabiting all three of previously mentioned characteristics.

212017 July

VIDEO: 10 problem-free years with SAF products MM

Our clients and partners are our top priority. Making sure that they get the best product and customer service is of a very high importance. W3Z have been using SAF products for 10 years and have given us positive feedback of our products

202017 July

The quest for increased productivity, zero downtime, and zero defects UPD

I believe SAF has a compelling solution that addresses a key drain on the productivity and profitability of today’s microwave engineers.

272017 June

Went to B2B (boring-to-boring) marketing conference. Wasn't disappointed UPD

Last week I went to London to take part in world's biggest B2B marketing conference

202017 June

Large size antenna alignment (Part 3 of 3) WP

This blog post explains large (6ft/1.8m and larger) size antenna alignment. As mentioned in the previous blog post, the main difficulty in aligning these antennas lies in finding the initial signal and doing the final fine tuning. Click to learn how to do it in the most efficient way!

162017 June

Ultramarathon running SAFer or 211 km (131 mi) in 27 hours UPD

He actually would walk 500 miles and 500 more... You know how some of us dream of running marathons? Our colleague Laimonis Skadiņš is an ultramarathon runner who runs marathons for breakfast. Take a look at his latest achievements.

112017 June

Working remotely and together UPD

President of SAF North America Janis Bergs on how to run business with half of its employees working remotely

By Daniele Zedda   •   18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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