242017 November

How to use SAF Radioguide MM

This short tutorial demonstrates how to easily find the right SAF radio using radio guide tool on SAF Tehnika's website.

82017 November

Unlicensed Spectrum. New Opportunities, New Challenges WP

What is the unlicensed spectrum, what are the challenges and solutions? Read more

82017 November

Major Integra series firmware updates | November, 2017 UPD

Newest updates are now available for a download from our website

32017 November

Beyond microwave: SAF ventures into IoT business UPD

Aranet is a wireless environmental IoT monitoring solution developed for a variety of businesses

232017 October

WISPALOOZA Raises the Bar in 2017 UPD

SAF Tehnika has attended and helped sponsor WISPAPALOOZA since the inception in 2011. The consensus of SAF team members and distributors was WISPALOOZA 2017 exceeded our expectations!

172017 October

Handheld V-Band Spectrum Analyzer for 56 to 67 GHz WP

Deployment in V-Band presents some unique challenges. Learn how V-Band Spectrum Analyzer is trailblazing the way for similar devices

282017 September

VIDEO: Why 23 million Americans don't have fast internet MM

And why we think wireless broadband can fix this issue in the near future

272017 September

Spectrum scans as a requirement for spectrum applicants UPD

Currently, Malaysia with its fairly small land-area has become one of the main markets for Spectrum Compact, but we’ve also seen similar approaches being implemented by regulators in other countries as well.

142017 September

GALLERY: Future scientists roaming SAF HQ MM

While our kids were preparing for the new school year to start, we were preparing an exciting day for them! Take a look at how it all went

By Daniele Zedda   •   18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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